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President Xi, the beginning unprecedented third term.

President Xi, the beginning unprecedented third term.

After a meteoric rise to become China’s most powerful leader in centuries, President Xi Jinping has been granted an unprecedented third term in office.

Xi raised his right fist and laid his left hand on a crimson leather copy of the Chinese constitution during an elaborate ceremony in Beijing. He swore to “create a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious, and glorious modern socialist country” in the oath broadcast live on state television throughout China.

President Xi Jinping, in the speech.
President Xi Jinping, in the speech.

Yet, the start of his unusual third term coincides with significant economic challenges facing the world’s second-largest economy, from sluggish growth and a shaky real estate sector to a decreasing birthrate. Relations with the United States are also at an all-time low, with the two countries battling over everything from trade to technology to human rights.

Before the yearly parliamentary session concludes, Xi will address it on Monday. China faces several difficulties, including an economy hampered for three years by Covid regulations and deteriorating relations with the west.

Source: Xi Jinping handed unprecedented third term as China’s president | Xi Jinping | The Guardian


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