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Chongqing Beibei Mountain Fire

Chongqing Beibei Mountain Fire

The open fires in Chongqing forest fires surrounded the Chongqing beibei area. About more than 1,700 local rescue forces have been invested in the city and district. More than 70 vehicles (frames) and more than 160 water pumps and other equipment have been put into the rescue, and a total of 71 helicopters have been dispatched to sprinkle 1,110 tons of water.

A healthy volunteers aged 18-40 are being recruited to mainly participate in material transfer and on-site order maintenance.
The firefighters carried out a plan to expand the barrier in the evening by burning the woods in the opposite direction to the favorable wind direction, preventing the flames from crossing into the last line. This was the critical moment for the firefight at Jinyun Mountain.

On August 27, 2022 – Beibei officially announced that the last flame had been extinguished.

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